Frequently Asked Questions

- Do I have to be present at the shoot?

No. Simply leave a lock box or SUPRA and I will photography the house at the scheduled time.

- Should the home owner be at the shoot?

Probably not. I use a lot of photography gear to get your photos just right. The less people around, the easier and faster it is to get quality photos in less time.

- Do I have to stay for the entire shoot?

No. Feel free to leave and I will lock the property and return the key to the lockbox or SUPRA.

- How do I provide access through a SUPRA?

Simply provide me with the CBS Code once your SUPRA is set up. You can find this code on your SUPRA App by going to “My Keboxes”, click “Box Number”, hit “Program Keybox”, and provide me with the number in the “Require CBS Code” box

- How long does a shoot take?

Each home is unique. We request to make arrangement to allow for at least a 2.5 hr shoot. Large homes make take more time.

- How long does it take to receive my photos?

Standard turn around time is two business days. Rush service is available at an additional cost.

- How do I download my photos?

We will notify you once your photos are complete.  They will be available to download on your personal management page.

- Are the photos edited?

Yes. Every photo is edited for color correction, proper exposure, sharpness, and other calibration specific for real estate photography.

-  What if I have to cancel my shoot?

I understand that life happens. We require a 24 hr notice of cancelation or you will be charged a $35 cancelation fee.

- Are the photos resized for MLS?

Yes.  Your photos will be available to download in both MLS and print size.

- How much does it cost?

Prices can be found in the Services page.

- How long can I use the photos?

You can use the photos for the lifetime of your listing.

- Where can I use the photos?

You are free to use your photos for your personal, individual listing and marketing services. However, photos are not licensed to be used by any associated designers, stagers, contractors, builders, architects, etc. Third parties can Contact Us for associated license fees.

- What type of photography gear do you use?

We use high tech photography equipment that has been packaged specifically for real estate and architectural photography. This includes HD megapixel cameras, architectural lenses, geared tripod heads, monolights, and speed lights.

- What is HDR Photography?

This is a photography process in which photos are taken at multiple exposures, then combined using photography software to create an image with calculated optimal exposure.

- Do you do HDR Photography?

Not for your listing shoots. HDR photography does not portray a room in its best lighting. Instead, we use speed lights and monolights (flashes) to execute a dedicated lighting plan.  

Due to lighting limitations, HDR photography must be used when shooting a 360 panoramic photo.

- Do you take measurements?

We can take room dimension at an additional cost.

- Will you upload my photos to the MLS?

We currently do not provide this service.


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